Business Consulting Services

Blackwine SA offers a wide range of Business Consulting Services primarily in Marketing and Project Management.

What They Say

"After we used Blackwine's expert business consulting services in 2008, we have never looked back - literally contributed towards our turnover increasing by 300%". Lee-Ann Mokoena - MSSA

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Blackwine's Business Consulting Services

business consulting services

Project Management
Our Project Management performance guidelines focus on Time, Quality & Cost.

We ensure the success of projects by setting clear objectives and communicating these expectations to all project stakeholders.

We manage and mitigate risks and have successfully executed projects in various industries.

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Blackwine SA provides Strategic Marketing Solutions and we focus on increasing market share, brand visibility and maket research.

We are best positioned to serve your strategy as we monitor trends and remain intuitive about new mediums and understand the expectations of consumers and clients.

We specialize in utilizing technology as a medium to increase brand awareness, create a bond between you and your customer and ultimately provide returns on investment.

Our Marketing Solutions package includes but is not limited to the following:

Goal Analysis and Strategy Formulation

Market Research, Surveys and Perception Analysis

Campaign Execution and Promotions

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